An international humanities competition—with a twist.

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5/6/24 — New competition: May & June!

  1. Our 9th competition and 1 year anniversary! Thanks for sticking around since the beginning. This cycle features new prompts and slightly altered **guidelines.** Check them out!
  2. The competition lasts from May 6th to June 30th at 11:59 PST.

10/6/23 — Something Big: Odyssey Scholars!

  1. We’re excited to announce another initiative: the Odyssey Scholars. This project serves rural communities through personalized mentorship and support for club-related projects in the humanities. We’re looking for aspiring student leaders and humanities advocates in rural areas. Check out more info on the Odyssey Scholars page!
  2. Contact us at [email protected] for any questions, comments, or further details about the program!


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Our Mission

Homer is a nonprofit organization created to expose more students to the humanities. The first step? Engagement. Through our monthly, short-form competition, we aim to draw more students to the humanities. Thus, to accommodate for varying skillsets, our competitions allow submissions to be in a multitude of different mediums, not just writing! See our guidelines for more information.

A humanistic education is key to understanding the nuanced aspects of the arts. Don’t just trust our word. Try it out for yourself! Our competitions are designed to be low-commitment and low-risk. In the process, you might just get published if you win!

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The school of Athens.

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Who is Homer?

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