An international humanities competition—with a twist.

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9/12/23 — New resources

  1. New entries have just been added to the resources section!

****************8/3/23 — New competition: August & September

  1. A new competition has just begun! Unlike previous competitions, this one will span two months. We’re experimenting with this new format, so all of this is potentially temporary.
    1. As always, check out our brand-new prompts.
  2. We’re hard at work with the annual anthology. News will come out soon about formatting, publishing, and other logistics. Keep an eye out!

********************************************************7/22/23 — A new branch: Forge

  1. We’ve just launched a new program. In addition to our competition, you can now pitch us your project ideas! Check out our Forge page for more information.
    1. Projects must be humanities-related, and you’re guaranteed a leadership position if we adopt your project.






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Our Mission

Homer is a nonprofit organization created to expose more students to the humanities. The first step? Engagement. Through our monthly, short-form competition, we aim to draw more students to the humanities. Thus, to accommodate for varying skillsets, our competitions allow submissions to be in a multitude of different mediums, not just writing! See our guidelines for more information.

A humanistic education is key to understanding the nuanced aspects of the arts. Don’t just trust our word. Try it out for yourself! Our competitions are designed to be low-commitment and low-risk. In the process, you might just get published if you win!

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The school of Athens.

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